Case Study # 2

Is your Hostel Call Managing System still MANUAL?

Organization Name : Sri Sathya Sai Boys Hostel “Brinadhavan”, Bangalore
Location : Bangalore
Industry : Telecommunication


  • Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
  • Education from 1st Standard to PhD- free of cost
  • Currently 300 Student in Brinadhavan hostel, Bangalore


  • Regulated call timing
  • No Mobiles and Gadgets inside the campus
  • Permit calls only to specific numbers
  • Time limit for individual calls


*astTECS IP PBX ast e100 with 1 Port PRI Card. *astTECS IP PBX is a fully featured VoIP based PBX, which supports all the interfaces on the trunk side and all types of Phones on the extension side.

After implementation of *astTECS IP PBX

  • Students can register their family/relatives contact numbers.
  • IP PBX will allow calls only  to registered contact numbers.
  • Calls can be made through IPPBX only between 6am – 8am, 12pm – 2pm & 6pm – 8pm.
  • Calls are limited to 3 minutes, so that next person can proceed.
  • Bills can be generated on a monthly basis against each  student ID.
  • Further, 24/7 IVR greets callers and announces office timings.
  • Teachers are always reachable, as they use mobile extensions.

*astTECS IP PBX Features

  • Distributed office setup (Connection between remote sites)
  • Video Conferencing Facility
  • Time Based Routing
  • Black List / White List
  • Billing Facility
  • IVR
  • Call recording
  • Voice Mail
  • Voice Mail to E-mail
  • Call detail reports
  • Web Based Receptionist Console
  • Parallel ringing
  • Fax support and many more
*astTECS IP PBX for Hostel – Highlights

  • Contact book registration against each student id
  • Call Recording
  • Maintaining White List / Black List
  • Automated Time Management
  • Billing as per each student id / Prepaid optional