Case Study # 1

Company Name : Samrudhi Infotech
Location : Bangalore
Industry : Telecommunication


*astTECS and TATA Teleservices have formed an alliance to jointly promote the PRI and IPPBX services to enterprises.*astTECS will have access to the 765 strong channel network of Tata Teleservices all India. Tata Tele will be promoting *astTECS IPPBX preferentially along with their PRI / SIP Trunking services. The product bundling would help both the parties benefit from the network and reach of each other and respond much faster to the market requirements. Besides, Tata’s Mobility team is exclusively implementing the *astTECS GSM Dialers for their Post Paid Call centres across India.

Samrudhi Infotech and Succeed Ventures are Tata’s Mobility channel partners to Promote Post-paid GSM SIM cards in Bangalore Market. They are running the office with 30 plus tele-calling employees in each location.

Business Challenge:

Client was using Manual Dialling method to generate lead for the Bangalore Market. Tracking their employee’s daily activity and quality assurance was the challenge. As a Mobility partner they had to show increased sales month after month to their Principal, Tata Tele. So, they were looking for cost effective automated system to address the above issues but, they could not afford the desktop computer systems for all their 30 agents due to the high cost of procuring the systems and providing back up power.

Solution Delivered:

After doing a steady analysis of the business operations, *astTECS proposed a GSM Dialer with IP Phones for their agents to take calls. The solution was the most economical and yet effective for their type of operations. By replacing analog phones with IP Phones the agents are able to log-in, log-out, dispose and generate reports for their respective processes. Also, by avoiding costly desktop systems with headsets and adopting IP Phones they have saved tremendously in Capital Expenditure.

Features Previous Method *astTECS System Advantages
Dialling Manual Predictive (automated) 45% increase in agent availability
Agents Operating Mobile Handset Convenient IP Phones Increase in agent efficiency
Agent Performance Monitoring and Quality Assurance Adhoc Live Monitoring and extensive Reports based monitoring Transparent and Professional Agent Management
Sales 300 Post Paid SIMs a month 600 Post Paid SIMs a month Sales Doubled
Agent Phones Savings -Capex Desktop systems Rs.600000 IP Phones Rs.75000 Rs.525,000
Breakeven Period Over an year Six Months Faster Breakeven