Case Study # 3

Are you able to manage all your geographically distributed Institutes ?

Organization Name : Global Academy of Excellence
Industry : Education
Challenges : 5 different geographical locations
Solution : *astTECS VC15 Video Conference


  • Global Academy of Excellence – Coaching classes for SSLC, PUC and Degree
  • Strength of 300 students approximately
  • Currently 5 coaching centers around Bangalore
  • More than 50 students in each center


  • Teachers travelling to different center resulting into higher travelling cost
  • Module Scheduling for each center keeping in mind the availability of teachers
  • Module sync among all these 5 centers
  • Sharing files/Presentations
  • Parallelly teaching all the modules in every class
  • No extra classes because of time constraint, effecting the reputation of the center

*astTECS Video Conferencing SystemsSolution

Video conferencing is the ideal medium for effective communications between geographically distributed centers. *astTECS VC15 Video Conference helps to connect & collaborate with remote branches. This solution is user friendly with advance features.

After implementation of *astTECS VC15

  • Teachers do not have to travel to all centers. Hence, reduced travel cost and increased effective time management.
  • Teacher can connect all the 5 centers at the same time. Virtual Classroom for all the 5 centers.
  • All the 200 students can participate in the discussion at the same time irrespective of the geographical boundaries.
  • Teacher can share the files at same time to all the centers.
  • Academy could record and save the sessions for future usage.
  • Teacher could use white-board present in the video conference which is just similar to the blackboard of the schools/centers.
  • Teachers could change the layout according to the sessions.
  • Academy could use the Camera, screen and speakers of their choice.
  • Enhanced collaboration

Features of *astTECS Video Conference Solution

  • Unified Communication
  • Voice over webRTC
  • White board with Text Tools
  • Layout manager
  • Record and Playback
  • Public Chat and Private Chat
  • Real time file sharing
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Reduced Cost