Case Study # 5

Are you looking to manage the distributed branches without traveling cost?

Organization Name : Value Chain India Pvt. Ltd
Industry : IT
Challenges : Managing 5 different Locations
Solution : *astTECS WEB-MEET (Now MeetBits)


Value Chain India or VCS is a Management Consulting, technology services & Optimization company working in the area of Supply Chain Excellence. Headquartered in Ahmedabad, VCS has 5 branches in Noida, Gurugram & Bhopal. In VCS managers are required to travel extensively to different branches for business meetings on weekly or monthly basis.


  • Managers are not able to manage the time due to extensive traveling, results in less productivity.
  • Cost of Company incurred on traveling expenses is very high.
  • The current proprietory Video Conference installed in company is not compatible to existing infrastructure and required licensing for any changes in existing VC solution results in higher cost.
  • Managers are not able to share the files instantly as required.
  • The employees do not have the flexibility to connect with HO from any location other than restricted locations with required set-up.


After complete study of the requirements & challenges, *astTECS proposed for Web-Meet , cloud based video conference solution. Web-Meet helps to connect & collaborate with remote branches which comes in plug & play technology with advanced features.

*MeetBits Video Conferencing Systems

After implementation of *astTECS Web-Meet (MeetBits) Platinum

  • Managers need not to travel all the branches, hence reduced cost and effective time management.
  • Managers can have VC with all branches simultaneously at the same time (Broadcast Mode).
  • Instant file sharing become more easy.
  • Session can be recorded and save for future usage and review.
  • Managers can now have the option to use white-board in video conference.
  • User can change the layout according to the session demand.
  • Managers are now able to have video conference from all locations with any devices ( Laptop, Desktop, Mobile) additional to VC set -up.
  • Company now has the option to use the camera, screen and speakers of their choice

Features of *astTECS Web Meet (MeetBits)

  • Record & Playback
  • Voice over WebRTC
  • Whiteboard with text tools
  • Private & Public Chat
  • Real-time file sharing
  • Layout Manager
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Cloud based
  • Secured Accessibility from any devices (Laptop, Mobile, Desktop)