TELEPHONES – Basic Building Blocks of an IP Enterprise

Enterprises, who has deployed or planning to deploy IP Telehony, are on the outlook for basic IP telephones. They might look at high end features in 5-10 % of the phones required by them. For the rest 90%, they are searching for plain vanilla phones, with which you can make or receive calls.

A staggering 90% !!

We at *astTECS smell an opportunity. We can use our IP telephone as a tool to increase our Brand visibility in a short time. IP Telephones help you to :

Map the IP Enterprise Market in your own region:

Every user of IP Telehony, be it Avaya, Cisco, Drishti, Asterisk, needs IP Telephones. They might buy the PBX / Dialer only once in ten years, but they’ll buy the phones at least every six months for replacement of damaged phones, increase in capacity etc. By penetrating into this market with IP phones, we can find out who all are the users of which products in your market.

Generate Leads for Current & Future Sales

The IP Phones go with any brand of IP PBX, and maintaining good relationship with these customers will bring you business in future also.

Increase Brand Visibility

The IP Phones sit on the desktop, and the servers sit in the server room. Recently, We delivered 300 phones to a customer, who purchased Dialer from one of our competitors. All the 300 employees of the company has an *astTECS Phone sitting on their desktop. If somebody asks an employee, whose Dialer they are using – the most common answer would be
Let us use this tool to increase *astTECS visibility in the next 2 months. This will help us to :

  • Spread our name
  • Establish in the market with the likes of Cisco, Avaya etc

We could resort to the following methods:

Local Online Posting: Just dial, Sulekha, Quickr, OLX, Indiamart etc – Use good images provided by the marketing department.

Email campaign : Send mailers to call centers, enterprises using IP Infrastructure. Mailer template will be provided by the marketing team.

Dealer / Distributor : Announce in the local dealer/ distributor network about the availability of a basic phone. The dealers might sell other brand PBXes –
but let it go with *astTECS Phones.

Cold Calling : Talk to the enterprises / call centers. Databases might be obtained from sources like TRAI web-site for call centers etc .


  • 3 Way Conferencing
  • Message Waiting Indication LED
  • Tone Configuration Volume control
  • Direct IP call without SIP Proxy
  • Hands Free Indicator
  • Blind Transfer
  • Busy Transfer
  • Caller ID Display
  • 50 Entries for each call log
  • Black List
  • XML Phone Book Search
  • Busy lamp Field
  • Call Hold / Waiting / Forward
  • Dialed / Received / Missed Calls
  • Phone Mute