*astTECS Telephony Solutions for Apartments

*astTECS Apartments Solution

Looking for a Cost Effective Telephony Solution for your Apartment / Villa project But ….Have You Ever Asked ?

  • Can I talk to the visitor through door Video phone ?
  • Can I use my smart phone as an extension and dial or receive any calls from the swimming pool, club house or parking ?
  • Can I have Paging Facility and Security alarm System?
  • Does It support find me / follow me features?
  • Can I manage the Multi sites / Blocks from one location ?


Door Phone

IP PBX supports Door phone, which will be useful for residents as they can talk to the person who is standing out side before they open the door.


Smart Phone for Roaming Extension

Resident can use their Smart Phones as an Extension, this feature will allow them to roam around the entire apartment area and receive the calls on their smart phone with-in the Wi-Fi range


Paging Facility and Security alarm System

*astTECS IP PBX supports Paging facility, this will allow the residents to announce the message any where in the apartment like near to pool side, park, walking area etc.


Find me/ Follow me

IP PBX will find you where ever you are and also follow you. When ever you get a call to your extension and resident is not available near the extension, call will find smart extension or it will follow you to your mobile number.


Connect Multiple Sites/ Blocks

*astTECS IP PBX can connect with Multiple sites (blocks). One IP PBX can Manage all the blocks or you can use Individual IPPBX for each blocks, this can cluster and manage eventually.

*astTECS IP PBX for Apartments

Bundle Products

  • *ast APT-50 – For 50Extension.
  • *ast APT-100 – For 100 Extension.
  • *ast APT-300 – For 300 Extension.
  • *ast APT-1000 – For 1000 Extension.

General Features

  • Built In Recording
  • Conference Call
  • Music on Hold
  • Extension wise Billing
  • Extension wise Billing

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