*astTECS Telephony Solutions for Hotels

Hospitality industry always seeks better solution to increase staff responsiveness to customer, in order to attend enhanced customer satisfaction. *astTECS IP-PBX solution for hotels offers the product to increase staff efficiency at reduced operational cost & overheads.

*astTECS Hospitality Solution

A completely integrated telephony solution which will facilitate better communication in hospitality section.

*astTECS IP PBX for hospitality industry is built on open source standards & is flexible to adopt & integrate with your existing infrastructure. You can now easily provide superior customer services.



Best Fit for Hotels Upto 500 Rooms

*astTECS introduces series of IPPBX systems that satisfy the requirement of hospitality industry. Be it a small size hotel with 50 rooms to larger hotels up to 500 rooms, *astTECS has the right fit for your requirement. With our cluster based solution & customization, the product is capable of delivering robust solutions even for More then 500 Rooms, ideals for Reosrts, Motels, Serviced apartment, Guest houses.

Effective Call Management

Achieve proper connectivity at every corner of your hotel, *astTECS IPPBX system easily integrates with devices like Softphone, Smartphone, tablets, Laptops etc… so even if you are in Bar, Near to pool, reception, or any where in the premises you are always connected.

Value Added Call Features

  • Smartphone Wi-Fi Client
  • Instant SMS to guest.
  • Video Conference facility,
  • VoIP Call facility
  • Room call Billing,
  • Wake Up Call
  • Third Party Software Integration




*astTECS IP PBX for Hotels – Network Architecture

Bundle Products

  • *ast eHOT-50 – Upto 50 Rooms / Extenstions, Asterisk Installed.
  • *ast eHOT-100 – Upto 100 Rooms / Extenstions, Asterisk Installed.
  • *ast eHOT-300 – Upto 300 Rooms / Extenstions, Asterisk Installed.
  • *ast eHOT-500 – Upto 500 Rooms / Extenstions, Asterisk Installed.


General Features

1. Built in Call Recording

Automatically record calls coming in, going out, or even internally, based on the settings your define

2. FAX to eMAIL

Incoming FAX can received to directly on specific email id through PDF format

3. Call Details Report

Generate the complete call details report for calls which is passing through IP PBX, all incoming, out going, internal calls

4. Do Not Disturb

Activate DND on Guest Room phones, by pressing short code digit key for room phone, and from the front desk terminals.

5. Voice Mail

Callers can leave a message and the assigned client and the client can listen to the voice mail by dialing the pin number

6. Call Forward

Option to forward call to voice mail, guest can even formard room phone calls to their mobile numbers.

7. Voice Mail to eMAIL

Callers will have an option to leave there voice message and the same can be sent to the assigned client inbox.

8. Call Block

Block Internal calls between Guest room permanently, Block internal calls between guest room during Certain period of Day; For example During night time.

  • Music on Hold
  • Call Monitoring
  • Custom Message
  • Voice Blasting
  • Least Call Routing
  • Call Budgeting
  • Direct Inward Call
  • Reminder Call
  • IVR
  • Call Details Report
  • Call Routing
  • Time Base Routing


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