How to listen the voicemail recorded in vicidial?

There were cases when you need to listen the older Voice Mails, or the Unanswered voice mails that are stored in Voice-Mail Box due to unavailability of the agents. These Voice mails are stored in Voice-Mail Box with a specific identity, called as Mail Box Number.

To listen, you can either go to the folders and files, download it on your system, and Play it.

Or, there is a faster way to access your file, i.e. by creating a simple Dial Plan. Once the Dial Plan is been created you can directly listen to the required file by providing its Voice Mail Box number.



Step1 – Need to add the below mentioned lines in extension.conf file under your preferred context (in my case, default); in /etc/asterisk.

exten => 9999,1,VoiceMailMain();


Step2 – Now to listen to your file (in this case), Dial 9999 from any one of the registered SIP extension; and it will ask for the voice mail extension id. Provide the specific id and listen the voice mail.