In-group not showing in inbound report – VICIDIAL

Version 2.7


Inbound report does not show the created in-groups and only shows NONE and SINGLE AGENT DIRECT.


1. Go to the /var/www/html/vicidial/admin.php and add the missing >symbol in the below line of after “group_handling value=PHONE”

{echo “<tr bgcolor=#B6D3FC><td align=right></td><td align=left><input type=hidden name=group_handling value=PHONE></td></tr>\n”;}


2. go the vicidial datbase, in my case DB name is “asterisk” and go to the vicidial_inbound_groups table and in the bottom GROUP HANDLING to PHONE option and save it.

Now check the report and you can find the in-groups in the inbound report.