Call Hangup Issue in FXO line – Asterisk


In FXO line, even though the customer disconnected the call, the call is not hang-up in server


The following settings can be adjusted in the file /etc/asterisk/chand_dahdi.conf

NOTE* These values are examples and must be set according to your Telco’s requirements and provided services



On trunk interfaces (FXS) and E&M interfaces (E&M, Wink, Feature Group D etc, it can be useful to perform busy detection either in an effort to detect hangup or for    detecting    busies.This enables listening for the beep-beep busy pattern.



If busydetect is enabled, it is also possible to specify how many busy tones  to wait for before hanging up. The default is 3, but it might be  safer to set to 6 or even 8.  Mind that the higher the number, the more time that will be needed to hangup a channel, but lowers the probability  that you will get random hangups.



Use a polarity reversal to mark when a outgoing call is answered by the remote party. In some countries, a polarity reversal is used to signal the disconnect of a phone line.



If the hanguponpolarityswitch option is selected, the call will be considered “hung up” on a polarity reversal.