Access paging extension from incoming trunk – FreePBX

“Default paging feature in FreePBX will work only internally and cannot be accessed from external.”To make internal-only (like paging) extension number accessible to a trunk in the from-trunk context; follow below steps:Step1 – Create a paging extension, for example : 9000 and select two of your extension for which the paging announcement is to be done.

Step2 – Go to admin page MISC DESTINATION feature and Add “Misc Destination” (if misc destination feature is not available, update it from module admin).
– Name the Misc destinations as example : paging-astTECS
– In the ‘Dial’ field, enter the local paging extension that works
– Submit changes

Step3 – Go to Inbound Route and Add Incoming Route
– Set ‘DID Number’ to the extension or DID number that will identify the incoming call on the trunk
– Set Destination to Misc Destinations: paging-astTECS
– Submit Changes
– Reload asterisk