LISTEN and BARGE not working in Vicidial


When we click the LISTEN or BARGE option in vicdial real time screen, it is not calling the extension to barge the agent.


Step-1 : Go to the below folder

# cd /var/www/html/vicidial

Step-2: Open the following file and search for the word LISTEN & BARGE
# vi AST_timeonVDADall.php

Step-3: Edit the below lines and replace the  ” $server_ip ” to the server ip address for IP 0r IAX as required.

if ($SIPmonitorLINK>0) {$L=” <a href=\”sip:0$Lsessionid@$server_ip\”>LISTEN</a>”;   $R=”;}
if ($IAXmonitorLINK>0) {$L=” <a href=\”iax:0$Lsessionid@$server_ip\“>LISTEN</a>”;   $R=”;}
if ($SIPmonitorLINK>1) {$R=” | <a href=\”sip:$Lsessionid@$server_ip\”>BARGE</a>”;}
if ($IAXmonitorLINK>1) {$R=” | <a href=\”iax:$Lsessionid@$server_ip\”>BARGE</a>”;}
if ( (strlen($monitor_phone)>1) and (preg_match(“/MONITOR|BARGE/”,$monitor_active) ) )
{$L=” <a href=\”javascript:send_monitor(‘$Lsessionid’,’$Lserver_ip’,’MONITOR’);\”>LISTEN

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